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Ko: ko norway started its journey in 2011. The company is based in Fosnavåg outside Ålesund. Here ideas and new designs are created and here all goods are packed and sent, mostly DRESSES. Stine is the driving force behind ko: ko norway. She has always worn a dress, mostly because it is incredibly comfortable and practical to wear a dress. And best of all she feels that dresses make everyday a party!


The goal of ko: ko norway is to have a surprising selection of dresses. We want to design dresses that give joy due. a fantastic fit, a super quality or a surprising design. We simply want to inspire women to wear more dresses through our cow: cow and timeless design. Getting "not" dress ladies to discover the comfort of a dress is so incredibly fun. To discover that it is so easy to be nice in a dress at the same time as it is practical, you do not have to put together several garments. With us you get dresses in all styles, you do not have to be a jale to go with a dress. Our best-selling dress is actually a sporty version used by active ladies in everyday life. The products must be of high quality, they must be sustainable, functional and not least be so good to wear that you prefer a dress over anything else. We are more concerned with design than with trends as the dresses will be used over time, this is a nice and easy way to be sustainable. For us, it's about designing dresses that will last. We are pleased that today we can offer a varied selection of dresses for beautiful, tough and active ladies.


How did it all start?

Stine has drawn frills and flowers all her life and trained as a Flower Decorator at Vea. She married Øyvind who is a chef and esthetician. They are both interested in Norwegian Design and good craftsmanship. They have experienced that hard work pays off. In 2009, both of their companies jumped to invest and realize KO&KO AS with the design and production of thousands of dresses. It was completely ko:ko to think or dream that one should make a living designing and selling dresses in Norway. But the first ko:ko dress was sold in October 2011 in Fosnavåg. Passing 100,000 dresses sold was a milestone, there are far more dresses sold today. Today we have our daily operation in KO: KO wearhouse in Fosnavåg.


All the dresses are produced in Poland and in Lithuania by manufacturers that we are confident in and that we have become well acquainted with. We have a mutual respect and good wishes for each other.


Ko: ko norway does not have a physical store itself but sells the dresses through the online store www.kokonorway.com or through retailers. We are proud to say that today we sell the dresses worldwide. Everything is possible between the fjord and the mountains in beautiful Fosnavåg on Sunnmøre.