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Colors affect us.

They are completely true, colors affect both the mood and the mood. It's incredibly exciting to work with colors, and colors can actually make us smile. Do you love colors?



Are colors part of your identity? Are you someone who likes colors and needs colors to thrive, or do you like neutral colors that give peace and harmony? If you are completely clear about one or the other, then you can probably say that colors are part of your identity. Our color choice is influenced by time, place, trends, influences and those around us. And colors can tell a lot about a human being. You may have heard someone talk about her tough lady with the colorful dresses, and many say "wish I dared to use more colors, but it's not me". Many people often end up in black and dark blue clothes because it is neutral and safe. But I do not understand what they did in the 70's when EVERYONE went with colors and patterns. So wonderful why do not we dare today? We want to do something about that. We want to inspire you to use more colors through our design. For colors make us smile and who will not smile….



Working with colors.

We work a lot with colors so we can tell a little about what we have learned about colors and how we feel that we are affected by colors. We start by telling a little about the color theory and then you will hear a little about what we think about the colors. And maybe we can inspire you to add a little more color to everyday life. We work with the entire color scale in our collections and we have dresses in all colors. It is incredibly exciting to work with colors and we see both how colors work together but also how colors suddenly do not work together in terms of quantity and strength. We try many color combinations and play a lot with both tone in tone colors, contrasts and complementary colors.


Primary colors

We have three primary colors, they are red, yellow and blue. You may have heard the abbreviation RGB. With these 3 colors + black and white you can make all colors. The primary colors are the only colors you can not mix yourself.


Secondary colors

Secondary colors are a mixture of two primary colors. And we have three secondary colors. Red and yellow turn orange, yellow and blue turn green, and red and blue turn purple. So the secondary colors are orange, green and purple.


Tertiary colors.

These are the colors that lie between the primary and secondary colors. An example is to mix blue and green, to blue green, ie a petrol color. Or red and orange to get a red-orange color, or or yellow green, yellow-orange, etc. Here you can play and create new shades.


Complementary colors.

We find it exciting to work with contrasts and if you want to achieve strong contrasts, choose complementary colors. These are colors that are on opposite sides of each other in the color wheel. As an example, a red dress with green details is a way to use complimentary colors. Then you highlight the red color using green. And if you mix two complementary colors, for example, you get neutral gray. It is very exciting to see how colors change when combined with other colors. One is constantly amazed at colors that match or not. It is very exciting to work with colors.


Warm and cold colors.

We often distinguish between warm and cold colors and many feel that they belong to one or the other color scale. Yellow, orange and red are often perceived as warm colors green petrol and blue are perceived as cold. But there are many shades and denominations in all the colors of the rainbow and you have both cold and warm reds and cold and warm blues. And it also changes based on how much white or black is added to the color and also whether complementary colors have been added.


The rainbow's color.

Colors are an experience of light with different wavelengths. Short wavelengths give an experience of blue light and long wavelengths give an experience of red light. The colors of the rainbow have the spectral colors, they are the colors that we see in the rainbow. We love working with the colors of the rainbow, they are said to be the seven colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple, but we have chosen to include one more color in our rainbow and that is petrol. So we work a lot with these eight colors in our design.



We are completely hooked on red. Red has the longest light waves and is perceived as energetic. No wonder we love bright red dresses and that everyone remembers “The woman in Red”

It's a little funny because red is the color that always follows us, and we feel that for that reason we can say that we have a common thread in our design.

Red is the color that suits all seasons. Whatever the occasion, you will radiate independence and strength in a red dress, and you will get attention. Red is also the color of love. A red dress signals strength and independence, all women should wear a red dress. Many people think that the red dresses Christmas dresses, it is that too, but red dresses fit for all seasons. Red is a color that has a lot of power and can signal both danger and full stop, so red is a color with many associations. Here you will find red dresses in many styles, shapes and sizes. And dresses in many shades of red. If you are looking for a dress that is plum red, burgundy, burgundy, porch red, raspberry red or burgundy, you will find it here.



Orange is the color of joy with its power and energy. Orange is often referred to as a warm autumn color. But the orange color can be both cold and warm. And we love the bright orange cold color that is tough to combine with pink and red, that combination is a bit typical cow: cow. then we also have the earth tones in rust and brown. In any case, orange is a color with a lot of energy and joy. An orange dress can be a real power look. No wonder orange is associated with zest for life and activity. Orange can suit most things and the color can be muted or enhanced as needed. Orange is a creative color that we use a lot of in our collections. See the wonderful selection of orange dresses.



Yellow is a color that gives a lot of energy. Yellow is associated with sun, light, warmth and joy. A yellow dress creates joy and lots of energy. Here you will find yellow dresses in many styles and shapes.  



Green is a color associated with nature. Green is both soothing and fresh and it is the color of hope. You may have heard "hope is light green" then you expect something positive. Or another saying that "you sit on the green branch" then you are carefree. It's fun with colors and their associations anyway and we have a variety of green colors in our collection. We have dresses in apple green, lime green, olive, military, grass green, bottle green, combo green, etc. There are both light and dark, soft and sharp green tones. And green is often referred to as a cold color but we also have dresses in warm green tones. Example olive green that has a lot of yellow in it. See the whole with the selection of dresses in lovely shades of green here. And a green dress may be just what you need for your wardrobe.



A fantastic color that lies between blue and green. The color is sea green, turquoise or petrol like the sea. Most often, this is a cold color with a lot of intensity. Petrol is the color we sell a surprising amount of. It suits most people and is beautiful for those who like both warm and cold colors. And it works well if you have winter skin or are tanned. Many people choose petrol dresses when they are going to buy an everyday dress with color on it. This is a good color that feels neutral and can be used a lot. See the large selection we have of dresses in petrol, sea green and turquoise. A petrol or sea green everyday dress works all year round and a turquoise summer dress is perfect on hot days. See all petrol dresses here.



Blue is often considered a cool and neutral color that is harmonious, classic and timeless. Blue is the color of the sky and is described as soothing and harmonious. Many people choose blue over black as it feels milder. We have a large collection of blue dresses, both the classic and elegant dress, the blue maritime denim dress and not least the sporty everyday dress.




Purple is a color that can take our breath away and we often associate purple with creativity and arts and crafts. Purple is the color of mystery, and it is also a color associated with holidays and Advent. We who love flowers also think of the rich floral flora, we see that very many beautiful flowers have purple shades. We therefore get a lot of inspiration for our dresses in the purple flora. See all our purple dresses here. The favorite is probably this Dagny dress in purple.



Pink dresses can be delicate and beautiful or intense and powerful. Pink is a feminine and creative color. Here you will find pink dresses in many styles and shapes. A lovely delicate powder pink dress or a color bomb in bright pink. See koko dress in pink here. A cow: cow favorite is the wonderful combination of dresses in pink and red.

Pink is a wonderful color

girl color stigmatizing

Purple is a color many people think of in arts and crafts. Purple is a color that gives energy and brings out creativity



Brown is neutral and down to earth. It is most often a warm color and is associated with nature. Brown dresses are always in the collection and suit you who like earth tones. Here you can see the collection of brown dresses.



Black can be associated with both classic, elegant and timeless but also tough and rock. Everyone is looking for the safe neutral black dress that fits everything. And a black dress does not have to be boring. In fact, we find it incredibly fun to work with black dresses. Then we focus on exciting details, structure and details, and of course on design and fit. Should you wear the print everyday work dress, or a little black. Or are you looking for the wonderful bohemian inspired dress that is loose in shape but rough and natural details, often in natural materials such as 100% linen. When you combine exciting structures and good qualities with a perfect fit, you can create completely raw dresses that last, that it is black will probably suit many. And this is often a dress design that you fall in love with. When you combine exciting structures and good qualities with a perfect fit, you can create a completely raw design that lasts. Looking for black dresses is safe to have in their basic wardrobe. Then we have the key garments here.  



White is associated with purity, innocence, in the dress world we think lace and chiffon and delicate materials. Whether it is a wedding dress or a white summer dress, you often choose delicate materials for a white dress. The white summer dress on white beaches and under palm trees or the white shirt dress in 100% linen for the summer holidays. White dresses are just beautiful and are associated with purity and fragility, extra nice is ten tan skin. White dresses can now be found in the koko collection. We also have a beautiful white dress for the big day.



Gray can be both neutral and dull, and you've heard the term gray mouse. But gray can be so tough and stylish just see the Leila Dress. Gray occurs when two complementary colors are mixed. Example if you mix red and green you get gray. And you can find many denominations in gray. Gray dresses are popular and we have a good selection in our clothing collection. An example is the tough everyday dress Silje in the beautiful steel gray color. It is a favorite that is both stylish and tough where you have both structure and a shimmering surface that makes gray not get dull. So gray dress with different textures and surfaces can be very exciting.



Ready for a colorful. Play with colors, tone on tone or with lots of contrasts. A lovely color look and dresses that scream for attention. Which makes you dance of happiness. Are these dresses for you? Here is the selection. Colorful life. Enjoy life. Color the day! Bring happiness.


But we also have a large basic collection in neutral dresses that suits you when the occasion is formal. Here you can choose your favorite color and then just find shapes, patterns and cuts that suit you.

Colors can make one smile. We love to design dresses with strong and beautiful colors but we also like the neutral dresses with exciting and often surprising element .. And we are inspired to use more colors when we get feedback from customers who fall in love with the designer. We work a lot with tones in two colors. And we work with the whole color scale. It's also fun to work with contrasts and set complimentary colors against each other. Maybe as surprising details. We have a large selection of dresses and of course have a large selection of black and blue neutral dresses, but then you can easily add a little color to the outfit with a shawl or some cool colorful shoes.


Now we hope we have inspired you to use more colors. Join in coloring everyday life with lots of energy and joy for those around you. Welcome to our colorful dress universe.